Bio: As a young child I had a love for nature and all animals. My parents bought me a Polaroid black and white instant camera - and that sparked my interest in photography. That eventually led to a Canon AE-1 film camera. When digital was available I switched to a Canon Rebel. As technology improved, I upgraded my equipment to more state of the art Canon equipment. Born a poor young country boy, mothers nature’s son... John Denver. I have always been mother natures son. My favorite subject to photograph are bears. Grizzly, Coastal Brown Bears, Polar Bears and Black bears. Other favorite animals include Eagles, owls, all raptors, bison, coyotes and fox, etc. I have taken many safari’s and adventures (I hesitate to call them vacations) over the years. In no special order, all memorable: Kenya - Samburu Preserve, Lake Nakuru,Lake Borgoria - I must go back to Africa soon Alaska - keeps drawing me in like a magnet. Been to Lake Clark NP, Katmai and Kaktovik. Another trip to Alaska is in the works. Yellowstone NP - By far my favorite US destination. I usually visit Yellowstone at least every other year Grand Teton NP - nothing compares to being in Jackson Hole and trekking through the Tetons. Hudson Bay, Manitoba Canada - great polar bear country Canyon Lands National Park - Utah Arches National Park - Utah Moab - Utah Banff National Park and Lake Louise - Canada

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